Measuring Pain-How our Bodies communicate with us.

Measuring Pain-How our Bodies communicate with us.

Before our Chiropractors can begin your treatment and at each of your assessment exams your pain must be assessed. Assessing pain is subjective because there is no exact tool to measure the amount of pain a patient is experiencing.

During our New Patient Exam our Doctors spend 30 Minutes with you, asking questions, running tests, observing your posture, gait, facial expression of discomfort and involuntary verbalizations. We use a scale of 0 to 10 that is referred back to at follow up exams to check progress. We want to make sure your condition(s) is responding to treatment over time. We also utilize x-rays to show movement of the neck and spine to compare progress.

Pain Measurement and its effect on daily activities are crucial to the creation of our treatment plans. They help us to determine the severity of the injury or condition as well as assess the treatment progress. If an adjustment needs to be made to a treatment of a condition it will be shown during the progress exams if not before. We always want to work toward progress of healing and adjust as needed during treatment.

Pain is a symptom of a condition your body is going through. Pain like many other symptoms can be masked or hidden by medication. Be careful not to hide your symptoms and ignore them. Pain is a great way for the body to communicate needing help.

Dinner with Doc

Dinner with Doc

Dinner with the Doc

Did you know that all three of our offices try to help educate the community? We hold MONTHLY health talks by our Doctor at local restaurants or catered in our office.

HealthQuest has a shared vision to give back to our community. We do this with several events and projects throughout the year. One of our favorites is when we invite our patients, guests and members of the community to attend our Dinner with the Doc.

Our Doctors are willing to take time away from their families to help educate those in our community interested in bettering their health.

If you would like to join us at our next event please sign up NOW! These fill up quickly.

Click on the link below to reserve your spot!

Dinner Reservation

We look foward to seeing you at our next Health Talk!