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Since we first started HealthQuest in 1994, we have been deeply involved in our local communities, in both service projects and charitable donations, including fundraising. One of our 10 Core Values is Charity, and this value is very close to our hearts. To that end, we get regular requests for donation and fundraising opportunities, so we have put together a formalized process for consideration by our management and outreach TEAM.

Please print the Fundraiser Form and fill it out completely. Then return it to us in one of 3 ways:

  1. Email it to
  2. Fax it to 888-315-2865
  3. Drop it off at the most convenient HealthQuest location


Thanks for helping HealthQuest fulfill our Core Value of Charity & Community Service!


First time patients of our chiropractic and wellness offices in Cincinnati and Dayton are eligible for our $27 new patient special. Get a consultation, x-rays, report of findings, and insurance benefits check! Medicare and Medicaid Restrictions may apply – call to book your appointment.


Based on 327 reviews
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Based on 327 reviews
Based on 327 reviews
Health Quest FE is the best place for back and neck problems. I’ve used Health Quest for almost 30 years. Started with Dr.Prewit in Blanchester.
Great place. The entire staff was amazing friendly & knowledgeable, explained everything to me. The doctor was very informative, and by the end of my first treatment I walked out pain free! I can’t wait to see what I feel like at the end of the treatment plan it’s going to be amazing!
I’ve been going to Health Quest since June 2023. Headaches, and lumbar/ hip pain. Twice a week. I’ve seen great improvements in balance and in leg pain. The staff is phenomenal, location is easy to get to. Doctors are incredible. You must try this place.
I came here with back pain. That was 4 months ago. They helped me very well. They have formed a great team. I am very grateful to everyone. Now I feel better, the pain is gone. Many thanks to them. How good it is to live without pain.
Dr. Marc Littrell was genuinely concerned, and extremely thorough in examining my issue of leg and knee pain; He saw something on the X-ray that had him suggest I see my family physician for a MRI before proceeding, I will definitely be returning for treatment after getting those results! The holistic, knowledgeable and professional office is where I feel confident, I will get the results I want to see in regaining my quality of life back! Thank you Dr. Littrell
All the staff at Healthquest have helped tremendously to improve my well being in multiple ways over the last 18 months. I truly recommend them.
Great staff, everyone is personable and professional!!
I am posting another review for HealthQuest. I am kept my Chiropractic visits to twice a month for several years. My chronic pain is gone! Everyone there is so helpful and friendly. I highly recommend!
They work wonders. After 20 years of pain, I’ve finally found relief. Everyone is so friendly.
This place gets it! From Dr Pruitt to the entire support staff. They all work towards my better health and well being. I would highly recommend them to anyone e who has an injury or strain and wants the best outcome without surgery. What a Blessing.
I have had life changing experiences with them. Diet, nutrition, exercise and chiropractic care will take care of almost anything.
This is Melissa Gribbins (my son and I have same google account) and I have been scared for years to go to a chiropractor. My neck was getting to the point of starting to cause migraine auras and just in pain a lot more. I have been twice and feel sooo much better. Dr. Mark Littrell only does what I am comfortable with and explains everything to me so I am not scared. I was sooo freaked out at my first appointment that my blood pressure was 156 lol but not anymore. Also, my second appointment, I told him about my lower back and hips, felt tight and he fixed them without even popping me. In which, I am still to scared to get adjusted in that area so he won’t til I am comfortable. He fixed it by just stretching me. Very satisfied and excited to see how much better I will feel in future.
Very organized great people and very clean place I’m pleased, thanks.
Fantastic experience with a solid plan and follow-up with professional care that is also caring and attentive.
The entire team is very professional, the place is clean and well managed. The doctors are always looking for customer’s feedback and are available to discuss.
I’m so grateful for Dr Mark I’m grateful for Caitlin for calling to schedule me an appointment and so thankful to Courtney for hooking me up for my treatments. I feel so much better than when I walked in the door. I was able to walk better and my pain was less. I thank God that I have a connection to Health Quest and Dr Mark and he was very compassionate and he encouraged me in my face. I am so blessed to have walked into the office. I look forward to an expeditious recovery. May God bless all the staff at Health Quest for being such wonderful caregivers. My life was changed today and I am ever so grateful to God for the kind staff and the gentle treatment and the care and compassion given from the time I walked in the door to meet Caitlin Melissa she was so caring and she listened and it was just a blessing to be in that office under such wonderful care today I am forever grateful.
Great chiropractors! Friendly, attentive staff from reception area, therapy, accounting and massage therapist. Can’t live without Healthquest!..
I’ve just recently started going here and I can already tell a difference in my neck and shoulder pain this place is great
Well everyone in there very nice and friendly they treat you good.I highly recommend.
Experience in HealthQuest of Fields Ertel is always welcoming, warm, and comfortable. The staff are friendly and ever ready to listen to our questions and they make sure to accommodate the needs we request for. All the doctors and nurses are exceptionally focused and provide the best treatments to me. They make sure that I get relief from the pain and discomfort I have been suffering with.Dr. Robert S. Prewitt is the best!! He’s been very helpful and understood the symptoms and problems I am experiencing every day.Dr. R. S. Prewitt is a very pleasant man. He interacts with his patients in a very polite and friendly manner and puts the patient at ease and extends a good feel of positive well-being and comfort.I’m fortunate to receive the treatment at HealthQuest under an able Dr. Robert S. Prewitt.May God Bless the entire HealthQuest team!!Vijaya Jayanthi
Healthquest is an outstanding place to handle your chiropractic needs. The facility is exceptionally clean and all equipment is immediately cleaned after each use. There is a workout area for physical therapy in addition to several other pieces of equipment to assist with your return to health. The doctors are thorough, talented, patient and very professional while also being friendly. The entire team has a culture of caring for their patients. I highly recommend Healthquest to help with your healing and return to good health.
A cool atmosphere for healing therapy. Your bones will thank you!
The team there is amazing!!!Beyond 5 stars!!! Best Chiropractic Team Ever !!!!!
I have enjoyed my time with HealthQuest. The staff is very kind and knowledgeable, and the environment is warm and friendly. I appreciate how thorough the doctors are and that they incorporate PT with the adjustments.
I have had a fear of Chiropractors since childhood. But, one bad apple doesn’t spoil the bunch. I had a recent injury that required xrays and a plan to fix some things. HealthQuest as been amazing! They have been very upfront from the beginning about their expectations for my recovery, and what they can do for someone my age. I would highly recommend..
Personnel are pleasant and most helpful.
The staff is very friendly and professional staff though out the facility. You feel totally welcome the minute you step in the door and the highest degree of professionalism is displayed always. I truly feel I found the perfect place for the care I need. Treatment is immediately effective and I walk out every session with a improved body each visit. The staff knows their stuff. 5 star facility in every aspect.
My physical health has improved. I have a wider range of motion side-to-side and my hip pain has been reduced.
I just don’t know what I would do without my HealthQuest peeps! My body is chronologically 62 but my brain tells me daily that I’m still 20!! I called my peeps this morning requesting time with the amazing KRISTEN (most powerful massage therapist EVER) and they were so accommodating! It’s a process to keep up with all the injuries I discover I can do to myself, but Kristen is the master!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!! I love my HealthQuest!!!
Dr. Pruitt and his staff are extremely professional. Aside from the professionalism, their knowledge within the industry is amazing. They listen, they probe, they analyze, and Taylor, the treatment to your specific needs. Young or old, they understand, holistic health.
Dr. Prewitt and Kristen have helped me through significant over use issues of my neck and shoulders. Sleeping better, moving better and feeling better!!!! Life changing. They are the best ever!!!!!
HealthQuest has been such an amazing experience!! Best investment I’ve made for myself!
Most awesome place to go for chiropractic care. Everyone is so curtious, professional, and friendly coupled with amazing results. Just love them and the results I get from them.
Always professional and helpful. Been a game changer for my quality of life.
Dr Pruitt and Dr Mike are some of the best most caring people around.. they are very knowledgeable and if it’s something that they don’t know they will find out! I’ve been a part of healthquest family since 2002 and I have never trusted somebody as much as I do them their appointments are easy if you have an emergency then I’ll make time for you they listen their office is always clean they don’t just treat you like a patient in a chart number you become their family
It is my first time at chiropractor but this place is truly amazing. Dr. Prewitt and his team are awsome! Flexible scheduling and great care. I definitely would recommend this place to anyone.
Dr. Marc is a miracle worker when it comes to fixing my back!!!
HealthQuest has been wonderful with pain reduction and helping me increase energy. Very friendly people and very clean office.
I have been with Health Quest for years and the whole team is always very professions, super friendly and well organized.Definitely recommend !
Great office to go to, the best, in and out but treated so well in between. Great staff and doctors everyone is nice and pleasant.
Great place for all your chiropractic needs..
Very pleased with the progress and treatment from my doctor
Just started a 90-day treatment plan and have been very pleased with Dr Prewitt and all the staff at Health Quest. Looking forward to my progress!
Everyone is very friendly and knowledgeable.
I have only received the best and most professional Care since I have been going here I would recommend their services for everyone
Very pleased with my experience here, great people nice atmosphere!
They have a great team and are very inviting and flexible. Im very thankful and appreciative that their able to work with my schedule. Especially shuffling work and running 3 kids. Life can take you three steps back. No matter how many times you try to be on time. Ive been going for a sciatica problem that would come and go but this time decided to stay. At first I started to doubt if it would ever leave. I found myself focusing on it just to see if I was still feeling the nerve pulling. Like it was apart of me, my everyday lifestyle. After following their plan, I’m starting to feel myself again. I leave feeling much more relief. Most importantly that fire burning pain that rests in my hip is almost gone. At times I don’t feel it until I bend a certain way but hey that’s better that what I was feeling. I feel positive my sciatica will be gone with time and patience. If you ask me I’d recommend them to anyone. And I will be back.Thank You Health Quest!
Great medical care, clean facility, organized and on time.
Since December, I’ve received chiropratic adjustments, PT, electrical stimulation and the best massage ever. I’ve noticed a marked difference in my circulation. Also,, the nightly leg cramps have stopped. As a person with chronic back, neck & joint pain, it isn’t as severe since I started treatment with Doctors Rob Prewitt and Brock Frear, Meghan in PT, Kendra with electro stim, & Kristin, masseuse.Kristin is the best masseuse I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with. She explains what she’s doing, why & the benefits of her fantastic work. When these modalities are all put together, the body functions remarkably better. I’ve recommended HealthQuest to all my friends & family.
I cannot say enough about the Dr. Prewitt and his staff. They are absolutely wonderful and treat you like you are their only customer. Everyone knows your name, and is pleasant and upbeat every time they speak with you. The care you receive is top notch, and they work with you based on how you are progressing with your treatment. They helped me immensely with nerve pain I was having in my shoulder and arm. If you’re wondering if you should see a chiropractor, do it, and come to this place. You’ll feel better about it.
Great staff and reasonable plans that can fit into ones financial budget. Always a smile and hello by name from the front desk! I had a first time visit to HealthQuest Aug 10th where I met with Dr. Prewitt who determind I could use some work! 🙂 I just had my 2nd treatment visit with Dr. Marc Littrell and I’m very pleased with the adjustments and care given. I’m hopeful they’ll get me back to where I need to be!
I’ve used Healthquest for over 15 years now, and they are the best chiropractor I’ve ever had. I’ve also used them for orthotic insoles and for help in diagnosing a shoulder injury (they are very good with joint issues as well). They are very friendly, and accommodating when I have schedule conflicts. I continue to use them after moving 50 minutes away, because when you have a great health practitioner, you stick with them.
Great folks great atmosphere love it
Everyone at HealthQuest listens to any concern and are able to resolve the issue with professionalism.
Amazing people they treat you like family! I always leave feeling great from stim, massage and adjustments!
Listened to all I had to say. Very understanding & very good with the therapy. Explained everything in detail.
I walked into office I felt so welcomed. The staff were knowledgeable, friendly. When I first went in I was in such pain but I waked out a new woman with a new lease on life. I understand I’ll have a long road to recovery but I never knew I would look forward to my next visit to a Doctors office? Thank you Dr Prewitt and staff.
Great office, filled with a great staff and great doctors. They really care about you here as a patient. Highly recommend to anyone
I’ve never felt more welcome anywhere else. Dr. Prewitt and Dr. Mark are very professional and awesome doctors. They focus on each patient and make you their top priority in your sessions. Great friendly and helpful team I’ve ever seen. Love this place! Friendliest staff I’ve ever met. Very caring and professional team!
Everyone here is kind, considerate and caring. My shoulder pain has lessened by about 60% since I started going to HealthQuest. I’m glad I found this facility. UPDATE: I am now pain free in my shoulder!!! Highly recommend HealthQuest!!!
Best chiropractic care I’ve ever experienced!Very caring and professional staff.
They have me back a life. My pain was off the scale.
Listen, I’ve been coming here for a few years and every time I leave I feel like Mary Poppins just a spoon full of sugar floating out of there! I wish I could give out adjustments like Oprah gave out those new cars.. YOU GET ADJUSTED! YOU GET ADJUSTED! I swear this is what they mean when they say you need an “attitude adjustment” cuz I’m a yes man when I leave. And those massage beds with the muscle stimulators have me sleep every time! I may have even snored a couple times but I’m sure the person next to me didn’t hear because they were sleep also. The doctors and staff are nice too.
The staff is so friendly and great! Dr. Prewitt is the best chiropractor and does wonders for my back and hips! I strongly recommend coming in for an adjustment.
This is a great place. The environment is great, the staff is amazing! If you have neck or back pain, you should check them out!
Everyone is extremely friendly from the minute you walk in until you leave. Very upbeat atmosphere, and it feels like they’ve known you forever!
Upon seeing the practice today I mentioned a little pain and weakness lifting my right leg and hip soreness. Dr. Prewitt had me do some STEM on it and the physical therapist showed me a couple of exercises to do. After doing them in the office I noticed when getting in the car to leave that there was noticeable improvement. I plan to keep up with the exercises at home.Bobbi Milinski
The Dr. Prewitt and his crew have had nothing but the most welcoming and positive energy. After going for a free evaluation and following up with a care regimen, I noticed a difference almost immediately. Getting my back and neck adjusted eliminated recurring post-work foot pain that I had no idea was linked to problems with my back.
They helped me tremendously with herniated disc & other joint issues. The staff is amazing.
The Dr’s are great 👍. They give you all the time you need, they listen to all your concerns. All the staff are so helpful, kind, friendly. They always have a smile 😃 on their face.I have a lot of health problems, they can’t fix me, but they have given me a lot of relief and have gone out of their way to get me where I haven’t been since 2002.I recommend them to everyone. You won’t be making a mistake.
Everyone has been so kind, understanding, and helpful and I’m already feeling so much better!
Very professionally run chiropractors office.
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